You believe that tracking is broken as we do

Try AdScore, an innovation in managing social ads in a cookieless world

Searching for a tool to manage your paid ads easily

Try the AdScore method when attribution models are not reliable anymore

Multi-touch attribution and customer journey modelling are dead.

As advertisement platforms getting blind by data privacy and ad blocking measures, it is time for an alternative. Instead of compensating with gut feeling AdScore proposes a consistent innovative predictive method independent of cookie-based tracking.

AdScore scores the cost performance of each paid click.

The AdScore approach improves social ad performance by managing them as a portfolio. All ads are evaluated by their cost contribution to conversions using a stochastic engine, that also gives recommendations.

Score spend efficiency budget optimization engine.

With the score spend efficiency model, the budgets are optimized for the score performance of all ads taking into account their spend. This overcomes Facebook budget restrictions below the ad set level and allows you to scale portfolios of ads.

AdScore reduces ad spend waste and drives ad performance

The overall cost performance is evaluated for the entire account, each campaign and ad set as well as all ads. Based on the individual score of ads, you can identify fatigue, inefficient ads, inefficient ad spend allocation to reduce waste in your paid media portfolio.

AdScore Supports Multi-Account/Store Management

If you run several ad accounts with several storefronts and like to compare the entire portfolio. No problem. AdScore supports multiple combinations to understand how the perform against each other.

Free trial onboarding takes just 5 min. No credit card required.

AdScore supports a self-service onboarding process that follows industry standards and is intuitive. No need to integrate any code in your webpage. Your AdScore should be available immediately.

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