Does AdScore use an attribution model?

AdScore does not use an attribution model. The AdScore approach is based on stochastic. It evaluates if there is a correlation between platform as well as storefront parameters with conversions. If this correlation exists, then all ads are measured against each other in a portfolio and the best ad wins. Thus, AdScore models ad portfolios and manages budget allocation for these portfolios similar to management of stocks in funds.

Can I test AdScore free of charge and in self-service?

AdScore offers a free trial test period. As it is self-service tool with focus on ease-of-use, the on-boarding is without code and done with some clicks. It may take you less than 5 minutes to get your store connected and see your AdScore performance.

How does AdScore portfolio scoring model work and why use it over ad platform base tracking?

AdScore takes a cost performance approach that combines platform performance such as CPM, CTR and CPC as well as website parameters such as cost per pageview, cost per session and cost per add-to-cart for each ad. AdScore then normalizes the platform and website performance to a scale from 0 to 100 being 50 the average. The process of scoring non-conversion touchpoints is well known from B2B sales.

Then, like portfolio management in stocks, AdScore translates the ad performance into a relative performance and compares it against the other ads in the portfolio of the ad account. Simply speaking, portfolios that optimize on better performing ads or more precisely delivering on lower cost will be more successful overall.

How fast can AdScore be set up and will it take editing tons of code?

As it is self-service tool with focus on ease-of-use, the on-boarding is without code (although you need to have a GA4 implementation) and done with some clicks. It may take you less than 5 minutes to get your store connected and see your AdScore performance. There are video instructions that help to set-up your AdScore portfolio, please click here.

Why use AdScore over ad platform or analytics tracking?

You may wish to replace or augment your existent methodology by a new approach to be successful in a cookieless world. AdScore also helps to reduce time to make day-to-day performance marketing decisions. A more consistent ads management can be achieved by evaluating all ads 'on equal footing'.

Would AdScore train my ad platform AI's to find customers better?

AdScore does not provide any data to advertisement platforms via their conversion APIs. Simply, because AdScore does not track conversions or model customer journey for individual clicks.

Is AdScore GDPR compliant?

AdScore does not track users as it uses GA4 as data source. This can only work if they have given their consent of being tracked. Thus, AdScore does not need to be incorporated into the consent banner of your shop or webpage.

Does AdScore have an impact on page speed?

As AdScore does not introduce any code into your webpage, it will not change your performance in any form.

Is AdScore using cookies or is it a cookieless solution?

AdScore does not use cookies as it assumes that inconsistent cookie-based tracking causes massive budget mis-allocation and ad underperformance. AdScore is designed for a cookie-less world and uses first-party data only. However, as it uses GA4 data, it has access to cookie-based data.

Can AdScore measure ROAS and report uplift?

AdScore does not make any ROAS calculation based on attribution models and customer journeys. The biggest misconception of marketing attribution lies in thinking that a traffic source should receive value from a single conversion it contributed to. This approach can only work if one can track the full customer journey from the very first touch-point to the very last for all conversions. In all other scenarios, the tracking deficits drive budget and allocation risk.

And, please bear in mind that ROAS increase normally is only conversion re-distribution and not increase!

Can AdScore track email marketing?

Unfortunately, AdScore does not capture this case. AdScore is focused on social ads such as Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads, only.


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